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In Mangalore, Christian Wedding receptions follow a fixed sequence of events. However, it is advised that the wedding reception should be short and sweet, within the time limit and the luncheon or dinner should be served in time. So when one makes any changes in the events it should not prolong and cause delay in serving the dinner.

Welcoming the Guests
The Parents of the bride and the groom stand at the entrance and personally welcome the guests to the reception hall.

Entry of the Couple
The Master of Ceremonies commences the Reception Programme on arrival of sufficient number of guests in the Hall. The newly wedded couple will be ready at the entrance of the Hall. The M. C. will then greet and welcome the gathering. On introduction, the bridal party will enter the Hall escorted by the bride, the bridegroom, the bridesmaid, the bestman, flower girls and the page boy. The bridal party is welcomed by the guests with showers of confetti and the D.J./ Live music band will play the wedding songs.

Cutting the Cake
The bridal party will form a semi circle and stand around the 2 or 3 tier Wedding Cake, which is nicely decorated for the occasion. Then the M. C. will introduce the guests to the august gathering. After cutting wedding Cake the bride and the groom will share a piece of the wedding cake by offering it to each other and their parents. After cutting the cake, the guests are now served with the piece of wedding cake and the toast wine.

The Toast
Traditionally, a toast is raised on the occasion to introduce the two families. A member of the family, or a close friend or relative of the couple can also raise the toast to the couple. Even ladies and younger members of the family can also raise the toast. The groom, the best man and other gentlemen in the crowd stand during the toast.

Sometimes the family members or close friends will sing a song or recite a poem or share a special moment with the guests during this time.

The Couples Reply to the Toast
This is an opportunity to the couple to express their feelings, thoughts, gratitude to the near and dear ones. In their speech they can thank the toast master, their family members, friends and the dear one’s. Preparation of the speech is given elsewhere in this directory.

Wedding March
The M.C. invites the parents, relatives and the guests to join the couple for a wedding march. The wedding march symbolizes the support and solidarity to the newly married couple by their family members, relatives and the close friends. After the wedding march, the guests join and walk together for a wedding dance in the middle of the Hall.

The First Dance
The guests on the dance floor will form a circle with the couple in the centre. The Newly wedded couple will dance with their first steps together as man and wife to a romantic song sung by the band. This is a most memorable dance in the life of the couple. The guests on the dance floor join the couple and dance for the next song.

First Session of Dancing
The first dance is followed by two or three songs with romantic love songs. The band will sing the latest songs in order to encourage the young dancers to join the couple on the dance floor.

Dressing of traditional “Sado”:
The M.C. will then announce the dressing of traditional SADO to the Bride. The bride is escorted by the groom’s mother or sister and ladies of both the families to dress the SADO to the bride. If the Drinks are served in the reception, the Bar will be declared opened or drinks will be served to the guests.

Second Session of Dancing
The Band/D.J. will sing lively songs and attract the crowd to come to the dancing floor with their partners. The band will sing song till the bride is ready to return after wearing the traditional SADO. Then the couple will once again enter the hall escorted by brides maid and the best man to the tune of the music.

Tying of Kariamani and Exchange of Garlands
The couple then stands at the centre of the stage along with the Best man and Bride’s maid and the groom ties the Traditional Indian Mangala Sutra, the Kariamani and accepts the bride as his wife. (Soon after blessing the Kariamani, the groom can tie the Mangala Sutra in the Church. It is more meaningful. But most of them prefer it in the Hall after changing the nuptial dress and wearing of traditional SADO). Then there is the exchange of flower garlands.

Dinner is usually a buffet and is commenced by a short prayer ‘GRACE BEFORE MEALS’ said by a priest, nun or a family member. During this time M.C. invites the guests either to wish the couple of proceed to dinner. Sometimes this time is utilized for conducting customs like `Maain mudhi shivnchi’, exchange of flowers by the parents of the bride and the groom etc.,

The Baila
After Dinner everyone is invited to join the bridal couple to join the dance floor. The band plays variety of polka songs with popular lyrics. The baila dance is followed by the popular Birdie song.

Chairing the Bridal Couple
After the baila dance the guests will lift the bridal couple on a chair with the musical tune. `He is a jolly good fellow’. The reception celebration ends with the bridal couple kissing each other.

The compere, on behalf of bridal couple, thanks all present. This is the time for the photographer and the videographer to take family pictures.

The above steps are normally followed by M. C’s when there are no timing restrictions on winding up a wedding celebration. But where there are time restrictions and strict deadlines like... to stop music and vacate the premises... the M.C. has to plan every minute. When the programme in the hall delays by 15 to 30 minutes the M.C. has to alter or skip a few sequences with the consultation of hosts.

Suggested Options:  The above sequence is a guideline. You can alter or omit any sequence depending upon you requirement.

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